This is what i like, living a fairy tale:)

love and glittery kisses /mallan

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more pics, from the attic….

Hanna is obsessed by traveling, she is to afraid of doing it though….

Loads and lods of maps and globes are there fore her collecting obsession:)

pics by Johanna Adebäck, Pontus Johansson, styling Malin Leijonberg, Johanna Adebäck, makeup Lydia gerlam, models Harriet and Birgitta

Travel around the world!

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Finding inspiration, in flowers and colors

Lovely Linda, posing for me and Johanna in Agnes and Hannas attic, makeup by Lydia Gerlam, pics taken by Johanna Adebäck and Pontus Johansson and styling, me Malin Leijonberg and Johanna.

During the work with the exhibition soon coming up, I´ve found a lot of inspiration in the attic and the colors between flower explosion and old polaroids, i´m proud to show you some of our pics.

Love and glittery kisses/malin

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Verry welcome!

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Hannas and Agnes attic where I´m gonna make my exhibition stuff..

Pics taken by Anna Kikuth, there are even more to come….

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need to get started..

Some times I just don´t feel like it.

Right now life´s been a mess and there are like three million things I just have to do, and still I can´t get started, isn´t that typical?!

I´m sitting, right here waiting for better times and inspiration to come by,  all I pull of is some tired thoughts of what I really would like to achive. Some brilliant thoughts of what I´d like to make, and do, but I´m really a bit to tired,  to do it rightnow, stupid really, it´s just to get started!

Hm…I think I just HAVE to get to it, I just have to get started,… but meanwhile I think, I will stroll by my old pics to find som starting inspiration and som new thoughts about new ideas I want to do, and offcourse, meanwhile I pur another cup of gingertea and take another biscuit, while I´m waiting to get started:)


well you can´t feel like it allways, can you…..

glittery fairy kisses/mallan



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surrondings that makes life a little more colorful

photo: Simon Sjölund

I like the kind of surrondings that combines color and ruff, actually thats what I like about everything: contrasts

Love and glitterykisses mallan

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fashion, pics and colors makes life inspiering

Pics taken by Nina Wallen, styling me and Malin Grönkvist, Essy Winnerholt.

Working with creative people and lovely colors and clothes makes me feel happier i like like like it alot,and usually it comes something drawn or painted  out of it.

Fantasy and fantastic things are to die for, i loooooooooooooooooooooove it.

love and glittery kisses/mallan

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I want SPRING!!


Some more pics by Annika Broman Alexandra Zazzi and me (malin leijonberg)

I love the way colors make me feel…

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suddenly i long for spring and feel a little hungry…

I suddenly felt really hungry and found myself longing for springtime as i found these.

These pics are from a photoshoot me(Malin Leijonberg) and photographer AnnikaBroman and chef Alexandra Zazzi made last spring, the shoot is called ecostram that meens ecoclean in english and i still think you can feel the freshness of spring crisping out of the pics.

Hope you get some inspiration for your dinner table:)

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