Welcome to our happietimes fly, blog:), Where you can follow

Weronika Hagerling

Artist and fashion designer


Malin Leijonberg

millinary,artist,designer and shopowner

They are using this blogspace to show the way to their colorful springexhibition, taking place in Stockholm 25:th of march – 31:th of march.

Wishing to give you some inspiration, insights and smiles..

They are used to work together and find their inspiration in color, friends and living.In common they have their love for dots, why the name dottified, feels perfect, as well as the urge to make people find their own personal way of style as well in clothes as every where else, and to dare to use just a little more color in life, overall.

The exhibition will contain paintings and drawings, as well as jewellery and other lovely things made by their hands.

As I said; very welcome to Weronikas and Malins world, filld with color, dots and fashionflowers:)

Stay close so you don´t miss a thing:)

psst despite the pictures…don´t forget PINK is the new black

1 Response to About

  1. marie unmack says:


    I bought a wunderfull grass green dress in Gøteborg. I´m loving it…
    Where can I get information about the store? Like email, phone no. etc.

    Hope u can help me, thanks!


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