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Sun makes me wanna bake a cake…

Sun makes me do all kind of things, do the washes and watch them dry,  while eating a homemade choklatecake, that´s just one of the things it makes me do…

Perfect timing, just when the cake is gone, hiding in my tummy, the washes´s ready to bring inside, godnight folks, glittery kisses to you all and sweet dreams, bake a cake and the sweetness is for real:)


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Hungry, i´m hungry for colours shapes and remake…

Food, eaten outdoors, is the best sign, of  summer coming up. Here are some pics taken by me in my backyard.

Leftovers from yesterday, which includes salmon,  crashed tomatoes, ruccola, goatcheese and some cottagecheese, salt and a fling of tabasco, yesterday we had it with boiled potatoes and some tomatoes.

Today i added some freshtomatoes in the pot,  as well as another package of  crashed tomatoes, crabfish and something inbetween pasta and gnoccis, lovely… don´t boil the pasta or gnoccis to much,  they will be fine aldente in the tomatosauce.

serve with hardbread-knäckebröd and butter fresh tomatoes and whatever you like, perhaps a smile….and  pling!a perfect springmeal makes your day.

And this is what it looked like yesterday, kind of remake so to speak:)

I love making new things out of old ones as well food as clothes, art and furnitures, its exiting to see what it ends up looking, tasting and feeling.

Have a great day everyone and glittery fairykisses to you all, don´t forget ameli is a perfect evening theme, look her up at spotify, its sort of calming.


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another style icon..

This my friends is what i mean is timeless fashion and style!

Some styles and fashion,  never really are in style and time, why, they never goes out of fashion style or time either…

True, colours shining through, i see your true colours that´s why i love you!!

beautiful true colours that´s what i LOOOOOOOOVE

Glitterykisses and colorful life to you and the once around you, Love mallan


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Too much is never enough!

Too much is never enough and AnnaPiaggi, inspires me in everydaylife as well as in my work, she´s absolutely fabulous!!!

Pics found on the net different photographers:

OOOOOOOOOOOh, I can´t get enough she´s delicious, absolute FAB!!

Go for it ! love and glittery kisses /Mallan

Just one or two more….

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wedding inspiration

Last Sunday we pulled off a lovely wedding fair in Götahof in the Center of Göteborg.

All things imagenable were to be seen:) hats fascinators, dresses,  makeup, people, models and what ever you´d like!

here are some pics taken by FannyAndersson one of the models, styling as usual me , and this time Lydia Gerlam:

As if it´s not hard enough to chose a groom you allso got to chose a style for your wedding, to much lovely things to chose between, i belive…to many things you really like, i don´t think once enough to get married you´d atleast need three times to make sure you chose the right style;)

Glittery fairy kisses/malin



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Feeling hungry, for life and food,

Yesterday, we took pics all day of lemons and the other day it was tomatoes,

Annika Broman is the fantastic photograf, behind the pics, i am the stylist and the delicious food is made by Alexandra Zazzi.

hungry wishes for a glittery night sweet dreams/mallan

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Exhibition night- LOVELY!!

Some days ago we had our premier night of our exhibition, alot of lovely people came, and to be honest, we got more fantastic feedback than we dreamt of, is´nt that the best.

Here are som pics taken by my telephone:)

Love and glitterykisses/mallan

That´s all , have to run to another day in the gallery:) have fun!!

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Meeting about exhibition in the attic:)

Yester day we reallised there are alot left to do , why we sattled down and drank a glass of red wine…


Thats the way to go, i´ve heard….

Love and glittery kisses mallan

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Work in progress…

love and glittery kisses /mallan

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